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Visual For Mulatto & City Girl’s “In N Out”

Dirty South Hip Hop
Visual For Mulatto & City Girl’s “In N Out”

Mulatto And City Girl’s “In N Out”

Rapper Mulatto released her album, “Queen of Da Souf,” two months ago back in August. The album had many features from a variety of artists, such as Saweetie, Hitmaka, Trina, 21 Savage, City Girls, and more.

She had recently just come out with a visual for her track, “In N Out,” the fourth track out of the 13 on the “Queen Of Da Souf” album, with the City Girls.

Mulatto In N Out Vevo

The visual

The bars were absolutely incredible, with fierce, rhyming lyrics to go with the visual.

“Only big talk sh*t come out my mouth
You know the s*x too good, can’t leave the house I’m a spoiled a** b*tch, I like to pout.”

“I’ma pop it if I pull out, trap who? Make him pull out I’ve been tryna keep it classy, ho, don’t make me bring the hood out”

The scenes take place, in Mulatto’s diner “Big Latto’s Diner.” The visual screams fun times, party vibes, vibrant colors, and a really cute retro theme, with the roller-skating carhops.

At the beginning of the visual, you can see how vibrant the setting is. It opens with the three girls sitting on a porch, then shifts to girls jump roping and blowing bubbles overall having a really fun time.

Next scene you see Mulatto, making her order at the Big Latto Diner, then shifting to the outside of the diner with fun colorful, retro outfits and dancing.

Visual Scene

“I been getting so much love I’m not gon’ lie!” The rapper says. “Cardi posted that she had downloaded my album when it had dropped. Wayne DM’d me! It feel good because I really love what I do and I look up to these people and aspire to be like these people that’s supporting me. It’s reassurance like, ‘Keep doing what you doing ’cause you killing sh*t,” she continued.

Visual For Mulatto & City Girl’s “In N Out”
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