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Exclusive: Peter Navarro — Hollywood and NBA ‘Useful Idiots’ for Chinese Communist Party

Trump administration adviser and economist Peter Navarro on Friday stated that NBA athletes and Hollywood celebrities are “useful idiots” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), suggesting the Democrats are unwittingly playing into the hands of the Chinese regime. Navarro, while saying that he will “never ever watch an NBA game again,” told American Thought Leaders’ Jan Jekielek that athletes are reticent to speak out about the Chinese regime because they are beholden to its interests. “They shut up and dribble when they’re over in China,” he said but added that there are “sweatshops in China” that “make sneakers for their stars” and “sell [them] back to American kids.” His comments came as the NBA season wrapped up several weeks ago, with the Los Angeles Lakers winning another championship. However, ratings for the NBA Finals hit record lows, and polls have suggested that NBA players’ pro-Black Lives Matter and left-leaning political rhetoric …

#M12Empire by Mahvrick.