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Eve is Finally Getting Her Own Podcast!

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Eve is Finally Getting Her Own Podcast!

Eve shared a partnership with BBC Sounds for her first-ever podcast series. The podcast will be called “Constantly Evolving” and it will feature Paloma Faith and producer Swizz Beatz, who will share their tips for making it to the A-List and discuss important life events.

The podcast is set to air this November through BBC Sounds and fans are very excited. The post’s comments section of the joyful announcement flooded with congratulatory messages and well-wishes for the notorious hip-hop rapper.

Eve will talk about common hardships she’s been through

The influential hitmaker and her subjects will give viewers an inside on their career lows, and the failures that helped shape them into the huge successes they are now.

Eve herself has been through several hardships that helped her evolve into an amazing performer and a great person. Recently, she revealed her situation with her constant battle with anxiety that has been a problem since her younger years.

In a recent interview, Eve stated, “I’m so excited to be joining the BBC for my first podcast, talking to some incredible people from all walks of life and learning along the way with the listeners.”

“Each week I’ll be in conversation with people from all walks of life and be openly talking about struggles, life, and how they are still Constantly Evolving.”

One main topic most of her fans are expected to be talked about is her marriage.

Recently, Eve has been under fire due to the fact she is married to a white man. As part of an interracial relationship in modern days, racial tension is still experienced by many people in the United States.

The couple received several unsolicited comments coming from people they did not know. Despite the negativity that was coming from people who did not “approve” of their life as a white man and a woman of color, the beautiful couple rose above the challenge and saw race as nothing but a chance to learn about their loving partner.

Eve is Finally Getting Her Own Podcast!
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