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MET Police Acted ‘In Deference to the Black Lives Matter Outfit,’ Darren Grimes

The Metropolitan police (MET) acted “in deference to the Black Lives Matter outfit” and attempted a “trial by Twitter,” journalist and broadcaster Darren Grimes said on Monday. The comment followed a formal complaint filed with the MET by Luke Gittos, the solicitor representing Grimes, historian David Starkey and the Free Speech Union (FSU), over a hate crime investigation against Grimes and Starkey for “stirring up racial hatred” in a podcast while discussing “Black Lives Matter movements’ views on British history.” The MET on Oct. 21 dropped the investigation because it was deemed “no longer proportionate” after an internal review. “I today accuse the Met Police of acting in deference to the Black Lives Matter outfit,” Grimes wrote on Twitter. “The extraordinary attempt to use the Public Order Act to regulate debate and speech was trial by Twitter: a police force that was influenced by media commentary and postings on social media. I have today issued …

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