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YouTube Announces $100 Million Black Voices Fund

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YouTube Announces $100 Million Black Voices Fund

Social media platform YouTube made an announcement about a new fund that would help black voices be heard. On September 7th, YouTube said they not only want black voices to be heard, but to bring recognition to different black cultures and speak up on racism. They have decided that this will be apart of the $100 million #YouTube Black Voices Fund.

“YouTube is committed to spotlighting community-driven storytelling and the important issues that people of color and other marginalized communities face every day,” The Global Head of Original Content for YouTube Originals, Susanne Daniels mentions. “Now more than ever, it’s essential that we develop, support, and elevate content that is created by and for the Black community,” Daniels continues.

The fund will help fellow black creators and artists get the praise and recognition they deserve. It will also help support them and help spread their platform over the next couple of years.

“Race has never been an easy issue to confront but the events over the last few months have opened up doors of dialogue and action that had once seemed closed,” The Youtube Vice President Content Partnerships, Malik Ducard, explains. “Across YouTube, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to contribute to these conversations about racial justice in a meaningful way,” Malik continued.

Some of the YouTube Originals that will be supported by the fund include Barbershop Medicine Special, The Near Witness, and Take Action Livestream. The showcase will also feature step performances as well as appearances from students, alumni, and YouTube creators. Plus, viewers will get to see inspirational video packages representing the legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

To be considered for the fund, you can sign up here.

YouTube Announces $100 Million Black Voices Fund
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