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Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 3 Recap

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Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 3 Recap

The Houston Rockets take on the Thunder in game 3!

119-107 OKC

If someone told you OKC and the Rockets were in the playoffs and Russell Westbrook was on the Rockets. Would you believe it? 2020 has been up and down and all around. Thankfully the NBA gave us a super thriller. The Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder are at 2-1. We got a series.

Dennis Schröder, Chris Paul, Steven Adams & Shai Gilgeous-Alexander all came up big in this game. The Rockets firepower kept things close but the Thunder stayed on top for most of the affair. James Harden had off night (for him) but still ended up with over 30 points. The real story was in the overtime.

Overtime blowout.

The Rockets began the start of OT with a foul, sending Rockets superstar James Harden to the bench. This was his sixth and final foul. From then on the Rockets had lost their star and lost their advantage. James Harden draws a double team and the defense will collapse on him to give his teammates open threes all around the arc. With no Harden, the Rockets were directionless and lost. They had to relay ball movement and a more team-first style of play. This is a foreign concept to Houston.

Chris Paul led the OKC Thunder to an 11-0 run to blitz the Rockets in overtime. Chris Paul was on the Rockets last year but was traded to the Thunder. This traded saw Russell Westbrook go to the Rockets. The move drew plenty of criticism onto Chris Paul, like could he actually win this late in his career? This overtime win hopefully silenced those critics.

The series is now 2-1 with Houston having the advantage. Game 4 is coming up and James Harden will be waiting to close out the Thunder and Chris Paul. On the other side, there’s a hungry OKC team ready to prove the league wrong.

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Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 3 Recap
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