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AP: Biden Wins Vermont

Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden won his first state on Election Night, according to The Associated Press. Vermont was expected to go toward Biden. The state’s Republican governor, Phil Scott, announced on Tuesday that he voted for the former vice president. Vermont has three electoral votes. Vermont was carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 26 percentage points. It has not gone to a Republican candidate since 1988. Biden, at an Election Day event in Scranton, Pennsylvania, made a final pitch to voters. “And overwhelming turnout particularly of young people, of women, and an overwhelming turnout of African American voters, particularly in Georgia and Florida, over the age of 65,” he said. “The things that are happening bode well for the base that has been supporting me. So, we’ll see.” But he added that if Florida goes for him, “it’s over.” Biden said he does not expect to make any more …

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