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NYPD Union Endorses Trump, Says President Has ‘Undisputed Record’ of Police Support

The head of one of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), one of the largest police unions in the United States, endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection on Tuesday. Ed Mullins, the head of the SBA, told Fox News that he encourages people to vote for Trump, adding: “It is a choice between world views that will have a very direct impact on police across the nation.” “Your vote is your choice,” Mullins said. “I just ask that you remember that it is more than a choice between two men.” Citing slogans and unrest over the summer, Mullins said President Trump would fully support police officers while a Democratic administration would “abandon, defund, and politically indict police officers.” “The Trump Administration has an undisputed record of supporting police officers at a time when many other segments of society are abandoning or openly attacking us,” Mullins said. “The Administration publically pushed back on irresponsible …

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