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Joe Biden Says He Has ‘No Doubt’ He’ll Be Elected President

Democratic presidential challenger, during a news conference in Delaware on Thursday, said that he and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris feel “very good about” their chances. “We have no doubt that when the count is finished, Senator Harris and I will be declared the winners,” Biden said. “So, I ask everyone to stay calm, all people stay calm. The process is working. The count is being completed and we’ll know very soon.” The former vice president stressed that “each ballot must be counted,” adding that “democracy is sometimes messy. It sometimes requires a little patience as well.” It comes as counting efforts in the battleground states of Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada is ongoing. The states are all quite close. Earlier in the day, Biden’s campaign told reporters that they feel that his victory is “imminent” and “our data shows Joe Biden will be the next president of the United …

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