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Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers Game 3 Recap

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Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers Game 3 Recap

The 2020 NBA Playoffs roll on with the Boston Celtics vs the Philadelphia 76ers.

102-94 Boston

The Boston Celtics find a way to weather the storm and beat the Philadelphia 76ers three games in a row. With the series now 3-0 in favor of Boston, Philly is in a similar situation as Brooklyn. No team has come back from being 0-3 in an NBA playoff series. The calls for 6ers coach Bret Brown are even louder than usual. Year after year they seem to come up just short of making a major push in the postseason. The doubters of Coach Brown have something new to chew on.

Close, but not enough.

The 76ers put up a good fight for most of the game. Up until the very last moments of the fourth quarter it could have been anyone’s game to win. Philadelphia is still playing without Ben Simmons and it shows. Many possessions the 76ers appear lost and are having to resort to desperation plays rather than smooth and collective ones. Joel Embiid of Philly took on a majority of the offensive load scoring over 30 points. Unfortunately, he was practically alone in this effort on that side of the ball. The defensive effort was a team one and very strong. Without it, the 76ers wouldn’t have even been in the game, to begin with.

On the other side, the Boston Celtics were firing on all cylinders offensively and defensively. Kemba Walker, Jalen Brown, Jason Tatum & Marcus Smart were simply too much for the 76ers to handle. The Celtics are without forward Gordon Hayward but that didn’t seem to slow them down. It’s interesting to see how subtracting Ben Simmons from the 76ers made so much of difference in how Philadelphia plays. Simmons, when healthy, pushes the pace and moves the ball down fast and in a hurry. Once double-teamed, he can kick it out to an open shooter or a cutting Embiid for an easy bucket. Without this element, the 76ers had to resort to iso players through Embiid in the post. A plan that can only work but so many times.

Down 3-0 its time the front office of the 76ers to start making some tough decisions for the offseason and next year. It’s truly disappointing to see “The Process” turn into “The Nightmare”.

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Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers Game 3 Recap
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