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Ice Cube Visits Jada Pinkett Red Table Talk

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Ice Cube Visits Jada Pinkett Red Table Talk

Jada Pinkett hit Facebook series Red Table Talk is back for a new season. One of her first guests was the legendary west-coast rapper Ice Cube. The focal point of the discussion was Cube’s discussion contract with black America.

Cube spoke about how the recent killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor inspired him to come up with a plan that would only affect Black America.

Cube is aiming to spark change in education reform, anti-racism classes, as well as closing the wealth gap. When speaking on specifics of his contract with Black America, he said “They try to make us think America is a household that’s broke and we don’t have the money to get the Jordans this year because we broke. That’s how they make us think, we ain’t got enough money for yall because we broke”.

He later added “But America creates currency. Its a currency creator. That’s why whenever there’s a war, they go click-click-click and then the billions are there… The money is there to help the communities, we just got to push the politicians to do it”

Cube has always been at the forefront of the movement, willing to do whatever is necessary to improve Black America. This is what the culture needs from its leaders, and people who have large platforms. There is only so much work that can be done over social media. We need our entertainers, rappers, actors, sports figures to step up the way Cube is.

Hopefully, he’s able to get other likeminded individuals to join his cause in coming up with a contract with Black America. It was extremely refreshing listening to Cube speak on education reform and other important things like the wealth gap. Shout out to Jada for sharing her platform to promote positivity. It will be interesting to see what other important issues Cube deems important enough in addition to the other issues he already spoke on.

Ice Cube Visits Jada Pinkett Red Table Talk
Stephen Marshall

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