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Master P Announces “Hoody Hoo” Cereal

Dirty South Hip Hop
Master P Announces “Hoody Hoo” Cereal

Master P Hoody Hoo Cereal

Master P is back at it again, making hip-hop history.

After Master P released some of his branded foods earlier this year he is now expanding into the cereal Industry. The new cereal’s name has been revealed as “Hoody Hoo Cereal.”

The entrepreneur and rapper made a post on Instagram regarding his latest project on October 1st revealing the news.

“Started from the bottom now we here,” Master P says on Instagram. “They can’t beat us so they might as well join us, cause they not gonna stop us. we making history! The first hip-hop cereal owned and produced by us #GoodisGood @unclepcereal We changing the game! The more we make, the more we give #UncleP #PJfoods. He continues.”

Master P Cereal

Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned Food Brand

In early 2020 he had released “Uncle P’sUncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned,” his food brand. Many foods on his brand include things like grits, rice, beans, oatmeal, syrup, and pancake mix, with the majority being breakfast foods. Some places you can find his food brand will be in big, well-known grocery shops.

Master P’s reasons to create his food were actually pretty brilliant. Many brands have racial stereotyping on them, and he wanted to allow people to have another option, but without the slight racism.

Many are very very excited about his cereal launch and are very excited to try it. They also wish him the absolute best and cannot wait for the near future.

Earlier, this year, Master P has partnered with businessman James Lindsay to relaunch Rap Snacks, a line of snack foods featuring flavors endorsed by Cardi BMigos, and other hip hop stars.   And the No Limit Records CEO says he knew it was a good business move.

“It’s all about the blood, sweat, and tears and saying that we are entrepreneurs,” Master P tells ABC Audio of his partnership wtih Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay. “So that’s my involvement in getting into this, because I say, ‘You know what? This [is an] entrepreneur, I’m an entrepreneur. Imagine what we could do together.’”

Master P’s son, Romeo Miller, is among the stars featured on packages of Rap Snacks. Lindsay says longevity is one of the qualities he looks for in selecting the performers to feature on the products’ packaging.

Master P Announces “Hoody Hoo” Cereal
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