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Offset Detained In Middle of Pro-Trump Rally

Dirty South Hip Hop
Offset Detained In Middle of Pro-Trump Rally

Migos rapper Offset was briefly detained in Los Angeles near a Pro-Trump rally. Offset streamed parts of the incident on Instagram Live while millions of fans watched in surprise.

According to Fox News, the Beverly Hills Police Department issued a statement on Twitter about the incident, stating that Offset was not arrested but that his passenger at the time, Marcelo Almanzar, 20, was taken into custody and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public.

“At approximately 5:02PM, Beverly Hills Police received information from a passerby of a subject who pointed a weapon from a vehicle at him,” the statement reads.

“The passerby provided a license plate to the vehicle, and the vehicle was stopped by patrol units a short distance away. After the on scene investigation, the passenger in the vehicle was arrested. The victim of the crime did not desire to press charges for the pointing of the weapon,” the statement continues.

The incident took place after Offset drove through an area where people were gathered holding pro-Trump signs. In videos shared from Offset’s Instagram Live, he can be heard telling officers that he “will not turn off his engine or remove his hands from the steering wheel” because the officers had their weapons drawn.

“I’m not going to move my hands from my steering wheel,” Offset says.

In the IG Live, an officer reaches through Offset’s window and opened the door after he (Offset) refused to open the door. He was then pulled out of the car and handcuffed as he continued to state he would sue the police department for their unlawful behavior.

Cardi B posted a video of herself driving her car past a group of Trump supporters who were rallying and waving flags, noting that she was worried she was “going to get jumped.”

DirtySouthHipHop will continue to follow this story and provide more information.

Offset Detained In Middle of Pro-Trump Rally
Kissha Williams

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